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 Good News Over Cancer!

You Can Prevent, Detect, Treat and Overcome Cancer 

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Tumani Health: What We Do

Cancer Awareness and Public Health Education in Kenya

We are reaching out to the public with information, education, and behavior change message about cancer. We also teach prevention to thousands of residents of Kisumu, Vihiga, and Migori Counties. Support our efforts to reach 30,000 more this year.

Cancer Screening: Community Based

Early Detection Saves Lives! And community based medical camps provide great avenues for early detection campaigns. Our camp events in Awasi, Nyakach, Kisumu, Kombewa and more, have had life saving impacts. Support our plans to screen 3,000 people this year. www.tumainihealth.or.ke

Cancer Patient Navigation and Assistance

We offer case management services to our patients. This include, patient education, treatment access and navigation, accommodation at Joanna House, palliative care among others.  Our goal is for patients to access treatment promptly and completely. www.tumainihealth.or.ke

Spiritual and Psychosocial Care for Cancer Patients and Family

Counselling, Biblical motivation, and prayer are some of the ways we bring hope to patients and caregivers. We believe and have seen how these kinds of motivations bring much needed peace and assurance in present life and eternal life with God.

Health System Strengthening for Cancer Care

Strengthening health systems of our partners in cancer care in Kisumu County is our priority. We facilitate supply of screening items to facilities operated by our partners and provide technical training to cancer support groups.

Education and Child Development

In partnership with Soi AIC Church we work with families to train and nurture students so that they can achieve academic excellence, make right decisions and obey God’s word. AIC Ngwono School offers Kindergatten to Class 6 education to 130 students. We believe these students represent the future of this community.

Volunteer with Tumaini Health, and let’s conquer Cancer

Ways You Can Get Involved

Support our Causes

Financial and materials donations toward our causes is what enables us to inform and educate the public, support early detection campaigns, and assist needy patients to access care in a timely manner. Your donation can save lives. www.tumainihealth.or.ke

Volunteer for a Good Cause

Use you skills in public health, clinical services, counselling, administration, business, marketing, resource mobilization and make a life time impact. We can use you at our offices, during community events, alongside patients, or at Joanna House. Come on.

Support Joanna House

Food items, kitchenware, blankets, sheets, enable us to provide patients at Joanna House with nutritious meals, comfort, and hope as they undergo Radiotherapy at Kenyatta National Hospital

Support Ambitious Students

Education and training that is valuable to the students and their community, gives them a bright future. Your support enables them access schools supplies, uniforms, and basic medical care.

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We Educated 2700 People About Cancer and its Management


We Organized 2 Medical Camps and Screened 1440 People

Patients Treated

We Offered Treatment Navigation Services to 70 Patients

Emma Nelson

We offered Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Support to 320 Patients and Caregivers

We contributed Kshs 250,000 Toward Treatment and Care Needs of Patients

We Enabled 108 Students to Receive Academic, Spiritual and Moral Support